April 29, 2021 – As children of entitled parents grow up and imitate their parents’ behavior, they may have difficulty finding or keeping jobs. 

“They have not been taught that hard work begets privileges, so they are not accustomed to having to earn things,” said Becky Stuempfig, a licensed marriage and family therapist. “They may be reluctant to get jobs or attempt to cut corners in the workplace. They may struggle with holding down stable employment because they often do not live up to expectations and believe they simply deserve a paycheck without putting forth the effort required.”

Stuempfig added that they may also have legal troubles due to engaging in behaviors that “skirt the law” because they were taught that rules don’t apply to them. The “Operation Varsity Blues” college admissions scandalhighlighted the legal consequences that may stem from entitled behavior in parenting.

“These children may have difficulty creating trusting, intimate relationships because they were not taught positive communication and interpersonal skills,” Stuempfig said. “They may have been told by their parents that others ‘are not good enough’ for them and therefore have a hard time connecting with others in a meaningful way in their adult life.”



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