Win some, lose some – 

June 19, 2020 – Most of the accused did not return calls or emails seeking comment. But Roberts responded with links to a post about a $1 billion lawsuit filed by now-defunct Sovereign Health against insurer Health Net and its parent corporation.

Asked if that meant he believes Health Net is behind this action, and that the D.A.’s Office and Department of Insurance are doing its bidding, he wrote, “That is exactly what’s happening.” … “With no regard for the substance abuse patients who wanted and needed treatment, this ring trafficked and used them to steal from insurance companies to line their own pockets,” state Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara said in a prepared statement.

The scheme involved 441 patients from all over the country who were trafficked into 19 different treatment centers, according to the joint investigation by the California Department of Insurance and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office…. 


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