Really, I’m Fine –   

November 9. 2019 – One would not tell someone who has high blood pressure that it’s just in their head and they need to get over it, so why would we tell someone who has a very real mental health issue that it’s all in their head and they need to get over it? It’s wrong. Ignoring serious mental health issues is like telling a patient who suffers from crippling anxiety and chronic depression to “deal with it”. Ignoring the problem not only hurts us, but it also discredits our feelings, making us feel more vulnerable, insignificant and can cause us to hide the symptoms of serious mental illnesses. When people don’t take others’ mental health issues seriously and minimalize their recovery by telling them that “life is hard” and to “get over it”, it makes the person suffering feel alone and scared to express themselves in the future, and they avoid telling people when they really need help.  Mental health and mental illnesses are real, tangible problems that need to be treated in a healthy way. If you are facing mental health problems, know you are not alone. Look to our collection of the best mental health quotes about mental illness to help you understand that you’re never alone in your struggle, that there are resources available to help you when you need it most, and that there are people out there fighting to make the stigma disappear.

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