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Nov. 9, 2019  – And that was the start of a career in which she worked with other addicts to turn their lives around. In the process, she learned to listen and talk to families too. Some of the steps families can take are part of the clinical process of weaning and keeping an addict off drugs. Family members are integral to recovery, she believes. And the more families know, the better they are able to help recovery work and to keep their own lives on track.

Addiction issues — the outbursts, the violence, the neglect and so on — place the addict so squarely in the middle that families “are left out in the cold,” she said. “They worry about their loved one. They can’t sleep. They are grieving about their loved one.” Her prescription for them also is to give. “When you look at life and what’s going on in life, the one thing that has meaning is helping another person,” she said. “Addiction: From Bondage to Freedom” is published by Inkwater Books and available from its website,

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