Nov. 22, 2021 – “How do I manage my own head that is just loud and negative and awful to me sometimes, but nobody else can hear it? You’re stuck in it,” the 39-year-old told Allison Kugel for the newest episode of the “Allison Interviews” podcast.

“The thing about anxiety is, people think of panic attacks, but there can be a raging screaming voice in your head all the time that you just can’t get quiet,” the actress reflected about getting sober. “You just don’t want to listen to this voice, and especially when mental health wasn’t talked about, it’s worse.”  Sweetin noted that she was determined to turn her life around. Sobriety is not a simple fix, but rather an ongoing work in progress.

“A lot of it is really looking at yourself and what are the things that I do, or behaviors that I’m trying to use to cope with my life?” said Sweetin. “How do I do this better? How do I interact with people better? How do I hold myself to a higher standard? How do I go back and make some of those things right so that I can alleviate that shame and terror that comes with all of it? Then, how do I go about life, not creating those situations for myself in the future? That is a huge part of it.”

“I’m always very honest that, for me, medication has been key,” Sweetin shared. “Otherwise my struggle was so bad I wasn’t getting out of bed. Now that I know when I need to speak up for myself, even into my 30s, feeling like I needed some therapy and I probably need a psychiatrist for some meds, and all of these things to start taking care of myself.”


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