2020 – Many people who misuse alcohol or drugs have trouble dealing with anger. If left unchecked, anger can have a negative impact on your health and your lasting sobriety. Anger is a normal and natural emotion, but how you deal with it will make a difference in maintaining your recovery.

For many people with a substance use disorder, it’s simply a matter of never having learned the appropriate way to manage your anger. Talk to your therapist, other healthcare provider, or sponsor about how to deal with your anger in ways that won’t cause you to hurt yourself or others or, importantly, pick up a drink or drug. One common mistake for those who are new to alcohol and drug recovery is substituting a new addiction of compulsive behaviors for their old ones.7 People new to recovery can find themselves approaching their new diet, exercise program, job, and even participation in support groups with a compulsion that echoes addiction.

Although their new activities are healthy and productive, they can be a stumbling block to lasting recovery if they become a transfer addiction to fill the void left by the original addiction. The secret is to find a healthy balance and to gain control over everything in your life and all of your choices.



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