April 13, 2021 – Peter T. has authored eight books, and very few folks know his full name. Such is a life and a lifestyle shaped by Alcoholics Anonymous. 

In early 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic slammed the brakes on most travel, Peter put the finishing touches on the seemingly oxymoronically named Liquid Sober. It was the seventh and final installment in a series of themed coffee table-style books showcasing how truly global an organization Alcoholics Anonymous has become – and how internationally binding its principles are for those living in recovery. 

Upon obtaining Liquid Sober, the first thing I did was … weigh it. The ambitious effort is nearly 900 pages long, two inches wide and 12” x 16”. I simply had to know its heft. The scale read “14 pounds,” and I promptly misquoted a classic liquid-centric film, Jaws. “We’re gonna need a bigger pot of coffee.” 

The bottom line: Originally, each Global Sober Series book retailed for about $100. However, now reduced to $40 per title, the books make an attractive and affordable gift for an alcoholic near and dear to you. To peruse or purchase the Global Sober Series collection, visit


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