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Nov. 29, 2020 –  He refers to that incident and his subsequent time in drug courts as having saved his life. Sharing his experiences in chatter between tunes during The Beacon Jams raised “over $1 million” according to a representative who spoke to Vanity Fair. Some of the songs performed at The Beacon Jams appeared on Anastasio’s so-called “quarantine” album Lonely Trip, which he recorded in isolation from his apartment on New York’s Upper West Side before unleashing very home-brewed videos on Instagram this spring. But other songs went back to the earliest days of Phish, rearranged for this unusual setting. The old chestnut “You Enjoy Myself” featured a string section who were spontaneously christened The Rescue Squad Strings. This is a reference to Trey’s recent beyond-Spinal Tap moment from this past New Year’s Eve when he got stuck dangling from the rafters of Madison Square Garden, and no I am not kidding. Also new to this version were the surprise guest vocalists Jennifer Hartswick, Celisse Henderson, and Jo Lampert who came in midway through to change some of the gender-based lyrics.



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