April 6, 2022 – “I was raised to believe I could keep up with everyone else. And for the first time in my life, I wasn’t able to keep up with my peers. And that sent me in a spiral.”

She was hospitalized for suicidal thoughts and even attempted suicide. Then she started to drink. “Because of my disability, my muscles are really tight and spastic muscles, and when I drink those muscles, they relax. And it was a wonderful feeling that I spent my whole life tight and all of a sudden I could relax.”

Hermsen says in 2016, she began drinking around the clock.

“I would wake up and start drinking. And then I would drink all day until I passed out. My blood alcohol level would be so high that I would go to the fridge and take a drink and I would pass out in front of the fridge. I woke up many times with the door open because I would just pass out in my wheelchair.


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