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February 19, 2018 – As teachers, authors and women in recovery, Michele L. Dionisio and Tricia N. Ragusa wouldn’t say that the path to recovery is as easy as ABC. Instead, they’ve created a simple, straightforward glossary of ideas to staying recovered from any of life’s challenges and living a spiritually fit life. Ragusa and Dionisio contribute suggestions and insight into how you can incorporate important coping techniques into your life morning, noon, and night.

These simple ABCs cover:

• the important concept of HUGS (Higher Power, Universe, God, or Spirit),
• the many benefits of 12 Step Programs,
• the breathing and meditation techniques that are most beneficial,
• the most effective coping skills,
• the crucial components of forgiveness and gratitude in the recovery process,
• the importance of remembering to laugh at the joys in your life, and
• the many spiritual and emotional resources available to you.

In AA to Z, Ragusa and Dionisio provide a compassionate, easy to follow way to work through trauma and addiction. With these new tools in your mental and emotional toolbox, you’ll be able to build a solid foundation for your own recovery, live your best life and, ultimately, discover your life’s purpose.

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