April 30, 2022 – “I wasn’t an alcoholic and never went to a 12-step program, yet I didn’t have a healthy relationship with alcohol. It had become the place I turned to numb, self-soothe or unwind. I knew I was doing it and wouldn’t stop,” Bouman wrote. Becoming sober helped her eliminate brain fog, munchies and even wrinkles.

As a result of her public admission, Bouman said she has been able to make valuable connections with women — and clients — who support her journey. Some of these women admitted that they have also “wrestled with” drinking a little too much or too often.

American alcohol consumption dramatically increased as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and women increased their episodes of heavy drinking (consuming four or more drinks within a couple of hours) by 41 percent.

Moreover, alcohol has a greater effect on women’s bodies than on men’s. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, biological differences in body structure and chemistry cause women to absorb more alcohol and take longer to metabolize it, leading to more longer-term health effects than their male counterparts.  But for Bouman, now 46, her greatest victory came after a friend recently urged her to try “just a sip” of hard cider. Bouman’s 14-year-old daughter proudly interjected: “My mama doesn’t drink — not even a sip.”