July 5, 2024 – Despite warnings that her strange craving could kill her, 20-year-old Shannon developed a habit of drinking gasoline daily. Horrifying footage shows her trudging into her bathroom as soon as she wakes up and reaching for a red petrol canister stashed under the sink, before tipping its contents in her mouth.

It goes without saying that consuming petrol can have horrifying consequences on your health.

Aside from causing nausea, vomiting and intense stomach pain if ingested, the toxic liquid can damage your digestive tract and well as your heart and lungs.

It’s advised that you seek medical advise immediately if accidentally swallowing petrol.

Despite being aware of risks and struck by agonising chest pains and dizziness, Shannon, from Welland, Ontario, seems incapable of shaking her deadly addiction.

“I know this is not safe, I know it’s going to kill me and I still can’t stop.”