June 29, 2024 – Maree McLean has published her much-requested follow up to her first book, The No Bullshit Guide to Getting Sober. Now with the No Bullshit Guide to Staying Sober ( $29.99) she hopes to help people quit alcohol for good. Q: Throughout your process of getting sober, when did you decide you wanted to collate your efforts into a book?

A: I didn’t ‘decide’ anything at any point in a formal way; the process for me isn’t that I come up with an idea then ground it into reality. I am just the channel, and when things are quiet and I’m rested enough, then there’s space for me to ‘hear’ what I need to write.

My first book ‘came down’ when I was off work with Covid. As soon as I had time and space to myself and I wasn’t attending to sobriety coaching clients, along came the urge to start writing. It continues like that, an impatient feeling to write, until the book is out.