June 29, 2024 – Cochran rose to a prominence in college football, he battled debilitating headaches. His doctors tried multiple medications until, in 2010, eventually landing on a solution: oxycodone … On April 10, 2020, Cochran’s wife Cissy found him after he overdosed while at his computer on a Zoom call. Since it was 2020, the Cochrans sent Scott to rehab in Massachusetts without telling anyone. “I got this thing licked,” Cochran thought upon his departure 30 days later. 

Except when the covid restrictions lifted, Cochran returned to campus and immediately returned to his old habits. He navigated through the 2020 season, and by June 2021 Cochran surrendered. “I was done,” he said. He reported to rehab for a 100-day stint.

He returned a second time during the 2021 season, won two national championships and remained sober for two and a half years. Life was good. Then, in 2023, Cochran relapsed. He went to an outpatient facility in Athens, “and they saved my life.” 

Cochran formally left Georgia’s staff on Valentine’s Day of this year, and this week he launched his new venture, the American Addiction Recovery Association. He spoke at an event at the Georgia state capitol and appeared on Paul Finebaum’s show to promote the AARA, where he now serves as president.