Batshit Sane –

FEBRUARY 24, 2020 – The Godfather of Heavy Metal released his reunion album with Black Sabbath in 2013 and has been sober for seven years. “The last album, I wrote some of it stoned,” he admits. “I quite like being sober now. ‘Cause at least I can remember the fucking thing I did yesterday.”

In the clip above, Osbourne and Lowe reflect on late musicians who made legendary music, including Alice in Chains’ Layne Staley and Linkin Parks’ Chester Bennington. “But then, why am I here?” he asks Lowe. “Chris Cornell was a great, great singer.”

“I’m not being funny and I’m not being cocky, I can remember times when I’ve f#%king woke up with puke down me,” he says. “I’ve f#%king woke up with a bed full of blood, when I’ve fallen down and banged my head or whatever. My friend John Bonham, I used to go drinking with him. He died. Bon Scott, he died. I don’t know what to f#%kin’ say.”


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