Show Me The Money – 

Jan. 23, 2020 – Another member of the victims’ committee, 33-year-old Garrett Hade, said he has been sober for nearly five years after a long odyssey through addiction that began with OxyContin when he was a teenager in Florida. He said he would donate any money he receives from Purdue. Now, as an organizer with the Recovery Advocacy Project, he said he’s telling people that they will be able to make claims.

“People need to know that as a person there is some recourse out there,” said Hade, who now lives in Las Vegas.

Also on Friday, the bankruptcy judge said he would allow Purdue CEO Craig Landau to collect a bonus this year up to $1.3 million, on top of his $2.6 million salary. Landau had previously agreed to reduce his bonus to that amount and delay it. A group of states continued to object to the bonus.