Tearful Triumph –

January 26, 2020 – She actually wrote the song just before the incident. “I tried to talk to my piano / I tried to talk to my guitar / Talked to my imagination / Confided in to alcohol / I tried and tried and tried some more / Told secrets ‘til my voice was sore / Tired of empty conversation / Cause no one hears me anymore,” Lovato began,

“A hundred million stories / And a hundred million songs / I feel stupid when I sing / Nobody’s listening to me / Nobody’s listening / I talked to shooting stars / But they always get it wrong / I feel stupid when I pray / So, why am I praying anyway? / If nobody’s listening,” she continued.  “Anyone, please send me anyone / Lord, is there anyone? / I need someone / Anyone, please send me anyone / Lord, is there anyone? / I need someone.” On Friday, the “Heart Attack” songstress spoke with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 in her first extended interview since she was hospitalized following the incident and shared an update on her overall progress and how her newfound faith in God helped her bounce back in a big way by finding her purpose in life.



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