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October 27, 2015                   Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News                   Vol. 3., No. 11
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There’s Green In Yellow
Urine lab flaunted piles of gold     

…he had $2 million in solid gold coins brought out and placed on the sta … the government believes Millennium made its millions by billing Medicare and Medicaid for a whole range of unnecessary tests…On Monday it agreed to pay $256 million to the government to settle the false billing claims, and also resolve a half-dozen whistleblower lawsuits filed by former employees and doctors around the country over the past several years.

Eating May Be Hazardous to Your Health
You may be a pizza-holic: Research says some foods addicting    

There have been reports of people losing control over how much they eat, and experiencing withdrawal when they are cut off, just like with drug and alcohol addiction. By now, many agree that food addiction can be a real problem for at least some types of foods.

This Thursday LIVE – Los Angeles, Oct. 29th

with actor IONE SKYE – In Conversation

OD’s Kill More Americans Than Car Crashes
Obama Announces Steps to Curb Drug Epidemic     

President Obama cited the jarring statistic Wednesday as he announced new efforts to highlight the toll the United States faces from prescription drug abuse and heroin use. “In 2013 alone, overdoses from prescription pain medications killed more than 16,000 Americans.

Heroes in Recovery

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 Recovery Program Management

Essay by Diane Dimond
Lamar Odom Isn’t the Only Overdose We Should Care About     

I am a sympathetic person; really, I am. But the excessive and fawning news coverage of former NBA player Lamar Odom’s illegal drug use and self-imposed near-death experience has been disgusting. To say the coverage has been excessive and out of proportion to its value as a news story is an understatement.

Interview by Dorri Olds
Directing Sarah Silverman as an Addict     

“When I go into making a film, I strive to create a unique visual concept for the movie. I draw from all kinds of things, not just movies but even art and photography. One thing I did when I first read the screenplay was go to the Getty museum in Los Angeles to look for inspiration.”

Sound Advice
My Employers Helped Me Beat Addiction in the Workplace     

I was a hard rock miner at the time and fortunately my union, the United Steelworkers, had an Employee Assistance Program whose staff guided me to the treatment I needed. They accepted me as a person who has a problem, not a problem person, and put me on the road to recovering my sobriety and my dignity.

Nov. 6-8, 2015 – Ft. Lauderdale

7th REEL Recovery Film Festival & Symposium
Longest Recovery Event In U.S. Kicks Off Los Angeles Edition     

Los Angeles based Writers In Treatment announces an exciting, feature-packed schedule of events for the 7th Annual REEL Recovery Film Festival – Los Angeles Edition 2015. The seven-day festival at Laemmle NoHo Cinema (5240 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601) will present a fascinating line-up of feature-length and short, fictional and factual alcohol and drug addiction themed films that highlight serious substance misuse as well as the hope and opportunity for recovery…


One Last Score
Philadelphia man arrested for attempted robbery while en route to drug treatment    

A man was arrested after attempting to rob the other people in a van in which he was riding, police said.
Ramon Vasquez, 48, and another man were being transferred from a drug treatment center in Philadelphia to a sister facility in Reading when the incident occurred, Amity police Officer John Coe said.


First Hand Video Testimonials VIDEO
Addiction and Me Stories VIDEOS     

This week, Calendar reveals a very different face to addiction as abusers of drugs and drink bravely tell their stories of how they became hooked on illegal – and legal – substances. In Addiction and Me, we hear from their families, medical and law experts as we reveal the emotional, financial and physical toll drugs and drink takes on the people, communities and services they touch.


Everyone LOVES Leslie Jordan
Leslie Jordan Reflects on 18 Years Sober  

Has it been easy? Hell no. Have there been setbacks? Too many to name. BUT WE MUST ALWAYS RETURN TO TRUDGING THE ROAD OF HAPPY DESTINY. For this scarred, beaten up, sad alcoholic and crystal meth addict, sobriety is the only solution. I was a Golden Slipper in the early days. I learned that we cannot make others happy unless we are happy with ourselves. Today, more than ever before, I am happy and proud of the man in the mirror.


News Flash VIDEO
Kim Richards Opens Up to Brandi Glanville About Sobriety:  VIDEO     

After a tumultuous few months of legal and substance abuse struggles, Kim Richards seems to be on the road to recovery. Richards sat down with her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Brandi Glanville on Monday and spoke about her sobriety, telling Glanville, 42, that she’s in a good place.


Just Trying to Help
Sober-living business: taking city to court    

Solid Landings Behavioral Health and two of its subsidiaries filed a writ of mandate in Orange County Superior Court on Friday, contending that they didn’t have a fair trial when the city denied their request in July to host the sessions … Solid Landings operates between 20 and 30 sober-living facilities throughout Costa Mesa, according to city staff estimates earlier this year.

Dr. Gabor Maté Is Right
Early trauma blamed for kids becoming addicts     

Many children who end up abusing drugs and alcohol experienced some sort of trauma between the ages of 0-5 but are rarely diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and are instead labelled with having some form of conduct disorder.

It’s Less Risky
Robbie Knievel completes stunt to celebrate sobriety     

The Montana Standard reports that Knievel jumped over the colorful, double-stacked golf carts in Palm Springs, California, on Saturday afternoon. The 53-year-old planned the stunt to celebrate his newfound sobriety following a DUI arrest in April. His friend Kathy Faroni says Knievel was down for a moment after the crash but then got up, saluted the crowd and gave a short speech thanking his father, Butte native Evel Knievel.


Before It’s Too Late   VIDEO
How Moms Can Quit Drinking VIDEO     

…Since then, I have noticed alcohol is everywhere. Individual plastic to-go cups of wine are for sale at the check-out at Walgreens and CVS. Gas stations have substantial beer and wine selections. Even Starbucks sells booze in some locales. The market, responding to a fertile field, has focused on women, as they are still the ones who do most of the family shopping.

More Will Be Revealed   VIDEO
Curvy model Myla Dalbesio admits she once struggled with a drug addiction VIDEO     

Model Myla Dalbesio has revealed details about her past struggles with a drug addiction in a thoughtful and emotionally raw essay in which she examines every inch of her body – and her insecurities about every aspect of her appearance. The 28-year-old Calvin Klein stunner, who is a size 10, charts the history of her physique in a personal piece for Suited magazine, in which she also admits to having a previous addiction to the drug speed.


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Very Best Practices
NAATP’s Position on Medically Assisted Addiction Treatment as a Component of a Holistic Continuum of Care…      

NAATP Executive Director Marvin Ventrell said, “NAATP is pleased with the recent focus and attention on addiction treatment. We have been waiting for this momentum for a long time. It is essential, now, that we get it right, that we integrate rather than isolate systems of care, including MAT and bio- psycho-social care.

Health Warning: In Case You Forgot
Processed meats do cause cancer 

Processed meats – such as bacon, sausages and ham – do cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Its report said 50g of processed meat a day – less than two slices of bacon – increased the chance of developing colorectal cancer by 18%. Meanwhile, it said red meats were “probably carcinogenic” but there was limited evidence.

Spy vs. Spy Hungover
Defection of ‘drunken’ agents shook US confidence    

The files show that both Burgess – who had worked at the BBC before joining the Foreign Office – and Maclean had been involved in drunken escapades. Maclean admitted he was a communist when he was drunk, but he was not believed, and Burgess revealed the identities of two British intelligence officers during a row in Tangiers. They left for Russia when it looked as if Maclean’s cover was about to be blown – and when Burgess’s career looked to be over after he was found guilty of “serious misconduct” for drink-driving.

Drinking Man’s History Book
Susan Cheever explores America under the influence    

Susan Cheever has gone into the family business. Her father, John, was one of the most important American writers of the 20th century, gaining his renown with short fiction depicting the yearnings, tensions and picturesque strangulations of suburban life. Susan has chosen to carry the family torch into the 21st century, mostly along the path of nonfiction – biography, history, memoir…



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More Pizza Deliveries  Than Pot
Study reveals that cheese is as addictive as drugs    

For years you’ve been telling your friends, family, co-workers and anyone who will listen that you’re addicted to cheese. It’s a part of every meal or snack, and you think about it constantly. According to a new study from the University of Michigan, cheese crack is a real thing. And so is your addiction.

MEDIA: Film Review
Unflinching film Fat is a dark take on food addiction, depression     

Based on a personal essay about food addiction and depression, the writer-comedian Mark Phinney scripted and directed the unflinching feature Fat, which opens in Toronto on Oct. 30, with a video-on-demand date scheduled for Dec. 15. We got the skinny on Fat from the director, by phone from his home in Boston.

It’s Still Addictive 
Oregon ‘Marijuana Anonymous’ attendees ponder legalized pot    

The most dramatic shift in drug culture commenced this month, however, when it became legal for anyone 21 or older to buy small amounts of marijuana from any dispensary willing to sell the product. Sales in the first week topped $11 million… Most Marijuana Anonymous attendees are less than enthusiastic about the new developments. If there’s one common thread in their comments, it’s that – contrary to popular opinion – there can be a downside to consuming marijuana.

In Recovery Gratitude Gala – Nov. 13-14

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Ohio women testing marijuana breathalyzer device     

Stitzlein, who is studying biomedical engineering, has invented the marijuana equivalent of the Breathalyzer, a detection system that is being made for roadside use. The Cannibuster, as it’s called, is still being lab-tested but would ultimately read a user’s THC levels, the chemical responsible for pot’s psychoactive effects, using a quick, non-invasive saliva test.’


Thank You Lois Wilson
Al-Anon taught father that alcoholism is a family disease    

Larry, a middle-age man, sits in my office, talking about Al-Anon, the 12-step program fashioned after Alcoholics Anonymous for family and friends of individuals with alcoholism or chemical dependency.

Risky Business
How Alcohol Increases Risk of Breast Cancer     

When it comes to alcohol and health, everyone seems to have different perceptions. On one hand we’ve been told that drinking wine can help prevent heart disease while on the other this new study reveals something rather alarming.

Prisoner of Booze
Daniel Radcliffe on Sobriety: ‘Harry Potter’ Star Tells All     

Speaking about his past struggle, he revealed that there was no better escape than alcohol. The former child star has battled sobriety issues in the past, per Telegraph, and admitted that he used to film his hit movies “Harry Potter” while under the influence of alcohol. However, the 26-year-old actor explained to Playboy that his drunkenness had a valid reason.

Helpful Article from Live Science
How to Help Someone Who’s Addicted to Drugs    

…And because people with addictions often deny their problems or avoid seeking treatment, loved ones can feel helpless. But experts say that friends and family are among the greatest resources drug-addicted people have to help them recover. Convincing someone to seek treatment is often difficult, but it can be done in many cases – and friends and family don’t have to wait for the person to hit rock bottom.

Why Media Matters
Teenagers are FIVE times more likely to buy alcohol after seeing it sold on TV     

Underage drinkers are more than five times more likely to buy alcohol after seeing it advertised on TV, a study has found … They were also influenced by magazine adverts and were 36 per cent more likely to drink alcohol if they read about it. The study said that alcohol abuse among the young is a ‘major public health problem’ that needs to be addressed.

We Won’t Have to Bomb Them
Will Iran Legalize Drugs?     

A prominent Iranian official recently suggested a new drug policy for the country that includes taking steps toward the legalization of cannabis and opium, the Conversation reported. The official suggested measures including reintroducing the cultivation of plants such as poppy and cannabis under state supervision …

Pot Is Not Going Away
Legalised medical marijuana opposed by only 7% of Australians     

Sussan Ley, the federal health minister, announced earlier this month that she would seek parliamentary support to change the Narcotics Drugs Act of 1967 to create a regulatory body to oversee the cultivation and importation of medical marijuana for state trials.

2015 SHARE Recovery Awards
Sunday November 15, 2015, 6 pm     

Congratulations to  
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