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October 20, 2015                   Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News                   Vol. 3., No. 10
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By Doing Something
How candidates can address drug abuse: USA Today’s Ideas     

Provide incentives for states to make database checks mandatory for doctors. Addiction and overdose deaths are seldom the stuff of presidential campaigns, but with an estimated two people dying every hour from overdoses of prescription pain medications, this primary season is different.

A Mother Speaks Out
Len Bias’ Mom: Drug Addiction Is a Disease     

It’s been nearly 30 years since NCAA basketball superstar Len Bias died from a cocaine overdose … just two days after he was selected as the #2 overall pick in the NBA Draft. Now, with Lamar Odom fighting for his life in a Vegas hospital, Len’s mother, Dr. Lonise Bias, says people must understand that drug addiction is a disease – Dr. Bias issued a statement to TMZ Sports … complete with a heartfelt message to Lamar … and a reality check to the rest of the sports world.

Which One Are You?
The Four Types of Drunks, According to Science     

There are many types of people in this world. Psychologists tell us there are introverts, extroverts, Type A and Type B – a whole field dedicated to organising us into specific personality types. But they’ve shamefully been ignoring the most important type of scientific exploration – what sort of drunks are there?


Family Diseased
Khloe Kardashian’s Family Worried About Her Ex…     

Lamar Odom’s rehab began today as Las Vegas doctors tried to assess if Khloe Kardashian’s estranged husband is able to walk on his own. The NBA player will soon be moved to L.A. to continue his long road to recovery. But after the complicated process of evaluating organ function, Lamar will need to face his primary demons: drug addiction and depression.


On No Uncertain Terms
For Pregnant Women, Absolutely No Drinking     

There is no amount of alcohol that is safe to drink during any trimester of pregnancy, advises a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics. And all forms of alcohol – including beer, wine and liquor – pose a similar risk to the developing fetus, according to the report from the nation’s largest group of pediatricians.

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Or Want It
80% with Opioid Use Disorders Don’t Receive Treatment    

A new study finds 80 percent of people with an opioid addiction are not receiving treatment. The study examined addiction treatment rates over the past decade, when heroin overdose deaths quadrupled…”Most adults with prescription opioid [narcotic] use disorders or other substance use disorders neither receive treatment nor perceive a need for treatment,” said lead author Dr. Beth Han.


Heroes in Recovery

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 Recovery Program Management

Suburban Living
Addiction to prescription drugs on increase in Connecticut    

“This is a growing epidemic,” said Deb Dettor, managing director of Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery. “Too many people are ashamed because of the stigma and shame that comes with addiction and they end up in the criminal system instead of seeking help.”

Los Angeles, Oct. 29th

with actor IONE SKYE – In Conversation  

 Bad Choices
Sex addiction: A compulsion that hurts partners in a way no other addiction can    

Paula Hall has written a book: Sex Addiction: The Partner’s Perspective is overdue, Hall believes, with thousands of partners across the UK struggling with something that evokes all the most destructive ingredients of personal pain – betrayal, infidelity, deceit and shame.

Haven’t Got Time for the Pain
Prescription painkiller and heroin epidemic, explained    

…and, fueled by a misleading marketing push from pharmaceutical companies, landed on opioid-based painkillers, widely known by brand names such as OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin. The drugs proliferated.

One’s More Prevalent
What is the difference between binge drinking and alcoholism?     

Binge drinking and alcoholism might seem like one and the same. When you think of an alcoholic, you might envision someone who drinks massive amounts of alcoholeach and every day, a pattern that would certainly qualify as binge drinking. But that isn’t always the case.

Mother Stoners Beware
Marijuana exposure in utero has lifelong consequences – In mice at least…     

A new study published in PNAS finds that use of cannabis by pregnant women can have implications for the neural development of her child and that some of the consequences continue into adulthood. So, like alcohol, another recreational drug that is legal in the US, marijuana is likely best avoided by pregnant women.

Dr. Phil shows compassion-What Are the Odds?
Gambler Describes Turning ‘Demonic’ As She Feeds Her Addiction VIDEO     

” I walk through a casino door and I’m not myself anymore. I become obsessed. It’s like a demonic feeling … I’m not Debbie in there. I don’t know how to explain it. I can’t control myself,” she explains in the video above. “I’ve done everything possible to feed my addiction … When I go on a gambling binge, I could stay there for days — and I have.”

The Sage Continues NPR AUDIO
A Florida Family Moves Forward After Struggling With Addiction AUDIO     

Battles with addiction can rattle or wreck a family. Shenika Morrison, a youth reporter from WLRN in Miami, explores what getting past drug, alcohol and tobacco addiction means for her family. Shenika Morrison is 17 years old. She has worried about her mother and father for a long time. They’ve both fought addiction.


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The Doctor’s Opinion
Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug? Addiction Psychiatrist Answers    

While people who use illicit drugs may have used marijuana at an earlier stage, there is no quantitative evidence that smoking marijuana has caused them to do so. The association could only be linked to the fact that most people would initially use marijuana, which is a “soft drug”, before using harder ones…

Excess is the Norm
Binge Drinking Costs the U.S. Economy Nearly $250 Billion    

A brand new report published by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that the sky-high costs of heavy alcohol use and binge drinking are having a major effect on the United States economy.  It revealed that excessive or binge drinking caused the American economy a $249 billion bill…

Evolution in Reverse?
Children ‘becoming hunchbacks’ due to addiction to smart phones     

Chiropractor claims that young people who spend hours hunched over electronic devices are seriously damaging their necks and spines, as witnessed by the rise in cases of ‘text neck’. Children as young as seven are developing hunchbacks and curved spines because of the hours spent bending over smart phones and tablets, a chiropractor has claimed.

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Keeping it REEL     

The REEL Recovery Film Festival  originated in Los Angeles in 2009. Now it is hosted annually in nine cities. RRFF is the only national organization that programs, produces, and promotes recovery events using film, comedy, panel discussions, and solo speakers. The Fix caught up with Leonard Buschel and a sampling of the featured filmmakers in New York last week. Buschel said, “This is the longest recovery event anywhere…

In Praise of RRFF
Media guru and “normie” Mr. Lionel, raves about REEL Recovery…    
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Video Essay by Scott Stevens  VIDEO
Recovery meds and the quest for the Holy Grail VIDEO     

Medication to help a person maintain abstinence is an entirely different concept than medication to cure alcohol addiction. The former exists, the latter has been a pipe dream of the Holy Grail sort for generations.
The progress continues on encouraging new medications that help a person in early sobriety hang onto that sobriety. Disulfiram, or antabuse, was first patented almost 100 years ago.


Some Good News
Prescription overdose deaths fall in Oklahoma     

Gov. Fallin, in making her remarks, highlighted that change, noting she worked hard to support that law’s aim to cut down on “doctor shopping” and the over-prescribing of potentially dangerous prescription narcotics. “It is my hope it will help to reduce prescription overdose deaths and prescription drug abuse in general,” she said.


Pure Alcoholics
Forget the war on drugs: Alcohol ruins more lives than all other drugs combined    

While our current political conversations often involve concerned discussions about marijuana’s imagined dangers or potential benefits (recall that the most recent Republican and Democratic debates both dedicated time to the question of pot legalization), our most problematic relationship actually seems to be with alcohol. America, it seems, has a drinking problem…

The Hardest Parts About Being Sober    

I talk up sobriety. That’s because 99.9 percent of the time it’s amazing, and it has definitely transformed my life. I want more people to know how great it is so they can try it themselves. But I wanted to get real for a minute in this post because I want people to know that being sober isn’t always easy.

Carrying the Message
X Factor 2015’s Anton Stephans was “seduced” by drugs     

“Have I smoked marijuana? Yes. Have I popped pills? Yes, I have. There’s very little I haven’t done, and I have to own up to doing those things,” Anton explained. “But do I do them now? Absolutely not.”Anton said he now counsels youngsters on the dangers of drugs.


So Personal
“I think I remember saying no”     

“But once I became a semi-functional sober member of society, I actually tried remembering some of the bad experiences from my past and found them just as murky as ever. The truth is, I don’t know the exact number of times I was sexually assaulted. It’s hard to quantify when I’m not sure what qualifies.

NYT: Stating the Obvious
A landmark schizophrenia study recommends lowering drug dosages and increasing therapy     

The findings, from by far the most rigorous trial to date conducted in the United States, concluded that schizophrenia patients who received smaller doses of antipsychotic medication and a bigger emphasis on one-on-one talk therapy and family support made greater strides in recovery over the first two years of treatment than patients who got the usual drug-focused care.

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