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October 13, 2015                   Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News                   Vol. 3., No. 9
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Another DC Rally Story to Love
Anti-Stigma Rally In D.C. Shares Stories Of Loss And Redemption    

With one in three households and 85 million people nationwide affected to some degree by drug addiction, according to the organization Facing Addiction, the rally also became a bonding ground for individuals and families to share their pain. “It is a national health-care crisis,” said Donald McFarland, communications director for Facing Addiction. “The truth of the matter is, ‘Just say no’ didn’t work and the War on Drugs failed.”

One Small Step…
Suffolk County to sue painkiller manufacturers    

Suffolk County legislators voted unanimously Tuesday to sue prescription painkiller manufacturers for allegedly misleading customers about their drugs. They say pharmaceutical companies misrepresent opioid drugs as safe and non-addictive methods for treating chronic pain.


It’s No Act
Jack Black recalls cocaine addiction, losing his brother to AIDS   VIDEO    

The comedian revealed to Parade that he struggled with a cocaine addiction when he was 14. “I remember just lots of turmoil from that time period,” he told the magazine. “I was having a lot of troubles with cocaine . . . I was hanging out with some pretty rough characters. I was scared to go to school [because] one of them wanted to kill me. I wanted to get out of there.”


Let’s Toast to ABC News
Review: A History of America’s Drinking and Sobriety     

Alcoholism and sobriety loom large in the work of Susan Cheever, the recovering alcoholic daughter of the great mid-century American writer John Cheever, whose own struggles with alcohol are legendary. “My father was addicted to alcohol and it showed. I was addicted to everything, and that was much easier to hide,” she writes in her new book, “Drinking in America: Our Secret History.” “I haven’t had a drink in more than 20 years…


Heroes in Recovery

Los Angeles, Oct. 29th


with IONE SKYE – In Conversation  

One Event at a Time
Event puts emphasis on treatment efforts and hope     

Gathered in the gym, volunteers and visitors listened to atTAcK Addiction founder Don Keister. Mr. Keister shared his son’s years-long struggle with prescription drugs and heroin, a fight that included multiple visits to detox centers, several relapses and one fatal overdose. Emotions could be seen on the faces of several in the room, strengthening Mr. Keister’s message that drug and alcohol addiction touches almost everyone.

 Recovery Program Management

Not Available at CVS – Yet
Cartels respond to troubling shift in consumer demographics     

A report released today indicated that 53 percent of women booked into San Diego County jails tested positive for methamphetamine, while only 40 percent of their male counterparts tested positive for the drug. That’s bad news for the Sinaloa cartel, which controls much of the meth trade in San Diego following its WalMart style takeover…

Pharmacists on Parole
The face of the federal prison release: A heavy dose of meth, crack and cocaine    

Trafficking in methamphetamines and cocaine, in powder form and crystallized as crack, accounts for three-fourths of the drug convictions for more than 13,000 offenders to be released starting next month from federal prison under new sentencing guidelines…A federal analysis of the expected impact of the first wave of those approved for early release shows 663 prisoners from California had filed for shorter sentences…

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Just A Wing?
Albany Co. jail opens addiction recovery wing     

The Albany County Sheriff’s Office announced a new effort Friday to battle heroin in the Capital Region, with a new wing at the jail aimed at treatment. Lorenzo Rivera has been in Albany County Jail for three months now. He said he is scheduled to leave on Christmas Eve. And he hopes that is the end of a 22 year long road in and out of jail and prison. Rivera said the crimes were all related one way or another to addiction.


OPINION by Dr. Elizabeth Bonanno
Drug addiction is treatable with enough engagement from family and community 

Studies show that drug addictions (“substance use disorders”) are significantly undertreated. Less than 20 percent of people with these illnesses received specialized treatment in 2013…The 12-step community support programs like AA, which was started in 1935, and newer versions like Narcotics Anonymous, continue to be an important local resource to promote sobriety.  by Dr. Elizabeth Bonanno is a board-certified psychiatrist with nearly 20 years of patient care experience.

Can’t Scratch This Off    VIDEO
Lottery Official Suing, Says She Was Wrongly Fired Over Alcoholism VIDEO     

She is arguing that she was discriminated against because of her alcoholism. The Minnesota Lottery fired Johnene Canfield this spring after she returned from a leave of absence and a stint in rehab following her December 2014 DUI arrest.

It’s Not Thirst?
Scientists May Have Discovered The Cause Of Alcoholism     

Scientists have discovered that a previously ignored enzyme plays a role in the addiction and reward centers of the brain. In the future, a drug that restores this enzyme may be used to counter addictions like alcoholism…This is all several years out, of course, but it’s a promising development in the treatment of a disease that ruins millions of lives.

What are the Percentages?
Fermented kombucha tea makers want new alcohol test     

The tea’s fermentation process dates back centuries, but its popularity in recent years has landed kombucha in the sights of the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. That’s because the fermentation process can give the drink too much alcohol for it to be legally sold as a non-alcoholic beverage.


Let Them Eat Chronic
Americans Concerned About Painkiller Addiction     

Most Americans are concerned about the abuse of narcotic painkillers, despite widespread use of these legal medications, new research suggests. About one in four Americans reported taking a prescription painkiller – such as hydrocodone (Vicodin) or oxycodone (Percocet, Oxycontin) – within the past year … more than half of people surveyed wanted greater distribution of medications that can reverse an overdose of these painkilling medications. And only 39 percent supported more government spending on addiction treatment.


Even in New Mexico
Descent into heroin addiction derails political up-and-comer’s career    

People considered Trujillo an up-and-comer in the political world, not just in New Mexico but beyond. “I felt this guy is going to be a congressman someday or a U.S. senator someday,” said former Española Mayor Joseph Maestas, who is now a Santa Fe city councilor. “I was convinced that this guy had the potential and the drive to be anything that he wanted to.”… But heroin got in the way.


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Starts Friday!  7 Day Recovery Event in NYC
Longest Recovery Event in U.S. Kicks Off in NYC * Recovering Addicts & Alcoholics Have Their Own Film Festival     

LA  based Writers In Treatment announces an exciting, feature-packed schedule of events for the 4th Annual REEL Recovery Film Festival – New York Edition 2015. The 7-day festival at Cinema Village  will present a fascinating line-up of feature-length and short, fictional and factual alcohol and drug addiction themed films that highlight serious substance misuse as well as the hope and opportunity for recovery. Special events include:

Full Online Schedule  HERE

Starting Them Young
Foster care: New laws signed to restrict psychiatric drugs    

Child welfare advocates cheered the long-awaited reforms inspired by this newspaper’s ongoing investigation “Drugging Our Kids,” which found almost 1 in 4 California foster teens receive psych medications … “The approval of these bills helps the state and counties continue the practice changes underway to emphasize making psychosocial and trauma-based interventions available to children and youth, and avoid unnecessary use of chemical treatment.”

Small funeral held for Doctor dead from overdose of cocaine 

Kiersten Rickenbach Cerveny was found in this Chelsea doorway Sunday morning. A small, private funeral service has been held for the married Long Island doctor who suffered a fatal apparent cocaine overdose while partying in Manhattan last weekend. The family of Dr. Kiersten Rickenbach Cerveny held the funeral sometime this week…

New York Oct 20, 5:00 PM     LIVE EVENT
Author Susan Cheever – Live In Person      

Award winning writer and author of “My Name Is Bill: His Life and the Creation of Alcoholics Anonymous”, Susan Cheever will be reading from her new, groundbreaking work, Drinking In America: Our Secret History. Ms. Cheever will be sitting down with journalist and publisher, Maer Roshan,

founder and for a “spiritus contra spiritum” conversation. TICKETS AVAILABLE @  


Check out Loma Linda University

Free Fallin’
Tom Petty Heroin Shocker – Rocker Addicted To Powerful Drug During Mid-’90s Midlife Crisis     

“He’s a rock and roller. He had had encounters with people who did heroin, and he hit a point in his life when he did not know what to do with the pain he was feeling,” Zanes said. “That happens when the pain becomes too much and you live in a world, in a culture, where people have reached in the direction of heroin to stop the pain.”

Wounded Healer’s Salvation
Salvation Army captain talks about past drug addiction     

Capt. Kevin Polito of The Salvation Army of Pottsville talks about his battle with heroin addiction that started in his college years and continued until he was 32. The 42-year-old captain in The Salvation Army of Pottsville said he experimented with drugs including LSD, cocaine, Percocet, Vicodin, marijuana and heroin. He has been clean since March 2005.


In Recovery Gratitude Gala – Nov. 13-14

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Peace Pipe?
‘Marijuana resort’ in South Dakota, set to open by year’s end     

The resort will be open to all adults 21 and older …  And the tribe is expecting large crowds, as the facility will hold about 1,000 people. Based on the reaction from social media and with people who have talked with the tribe, it could be a major attraction… After the tribe made another announcement late last month about the planned operation, one online video of the resort had more than 6 million views.

Alcoholism in India
‘Punjabi film ‘Ghar Aaja Jeetu’ wins global accolades    

Ghar Aaja Jeetu’, an independent Punjabi film based on a real life story of a drug addict and struggles of families of addicts with substance abuse prevalent in Punjab, had added some more international accolades to its credit. The film has been shortlisted to be screened at the Indian International Film Festival, Toronto, and will also be screened at REEL Recovery Film Festival, New York 

Complete NY Film Schedule HERE



Waves Can Teach VIDEO
Tom Carroll Talks Drug Addiction, Surfing & the Power of Conversation  VIDEO     

Tom Carroll’s addiction to crystal meth is no secret. The two-time world champion opened up on Australia’s 60 Minutes several years ago saying, “It was killing me from the inside out. I was a desperate addict.” Tom’s story not only taught us of the relentless, indiscriminate power of addiction, but it also taught us that recovery is achievable-you just have to ask for help.

Money Can’t Buy You Love…
Why shopping addiction can cost you more than money     

Last year a menacing letter arrived from a credit card company and the threat of having to go to court was a real wake-up call. I took a long hard look at myself and managed for the first time in years to admit to myself the real reason why I shopped. I was lonely and objects filled the void. Once I had said it out loud I felt I could do something about it. “Acknowledging you have a problem is the first step in starting recovery,” says Paul, who advises that you ask a family friend for help.

Science May One Day Do So…
Diabetes Medication May Be Used In Treating Alcohol Dependence     

These initial findings could prove useful for furthering research of the use of liraglutide for alcohol dependence in humans. Of course, researchers will need to find an appropriate dose, especially in adults with no diabetes who could be solely using the drug for alcohol dependence…. More interesting is the consideration of how the reward pathway and dopamine suppressing effects of liraglutide play a role into its reduction of weight in patients…


Welcomed Information
5 Helpful Tips for Overcoming Addiction 

When someone talks about addiction, most of the time they’re referring to alcohol or drugs. While, yes, drug and alcohol addictions are serious and deserve attention, those are far from the only substances one can develop an unhealthy, obsessive relationship with … Here are a few ways you can do some inventory on your own behaviors and start dealing with addiction in a healing way. …


Texas Recovery Out In Front
Austin City Council takes another step forward to create Sobriety Center    

A working group of some council members and Travis County Commissioners recommended the sobriety center take over the medical examiner’s office … Dr. Christopher Ziebell urged a solution be made available sooner because some publicly intoxicated persons-typically those not taken to jail or released to a responsible adult-are taken to the ER to be cared for until they sober up.


Save The Children 
Pregnant women must not have a single alcoholic drink say experts     

“Pregnant women must know there is no evidence of a threshold level of alcohol consumption in pregnancy below which there can be certainty that exposure is safe”. Another survey in the United Kingdom revealed one out of every 10 pregnant women reported drinking alcohol, and many of them were binge drinking in excess.



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