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November 3, 2015                   Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News                   Vol. 3., No. 12
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Behind The Orange Jail Bars
Orange County Doctor and Pill Pusher Convicted of Murder      

Dr. Hsiu-Ying  Tseng, who prosecutors say is the first doctor convicted of murder in the United States for recklessly prescribing drugs to patients, was accused of ignoring “red flags” about her prescribing habits, including the overdose of a patient in her clinic and nine phone calls in less than three years from authorities informing her that patients had died with drugs in their system.

You Have To Blame Someone   VIDEO
’60 Minutes’ Blames The Pharmaceutical Industry For Heroin Epidemic VIDEO     

60 Minutes correspondent Bill Whitaker went to Columbus, Ohio, to understand America’s heroin epidemic. The drug is becoming cheaper and easier to get, he argues, and its stigma is vanishing. But his reporting places much of the blame for the addictions and deaths he documents on opioid pain pills.

Who Can You Trust?
2 Psychologists Charged in $25.2 Million Fraud Scheme Involving Psychological Testing in Gulf Coast States     

Beverly Stubblefield, Ph.D., 62, of Slidell, Louisiana, and John Teal, Ph.D., 46, of Jackson, Mississippi, were charged by a superseding indictment with conspiracy to commit health care fraud and conspiracy to make false statements related to health care matters. Two other defendants, Rodney Hesson, Psy.D., 46, and Gertrude Parker, 62, both of Slidell, were charged in the initial indictment…

Fabulous 180 Degrees   VIDEO
Robert Downey, Jr. ‘Thrilled’ to Be Inducted into California Hall of Fame VIDEO

Robert Downey Jr. just joined fellow Californians Charles Shulz and Bruce Lee in a very exclusive club. The Iron Man star, the Peanuts creator and the Kung Fu icon were all inducted into the California Hall of Fame by Governor Brown in Sacramento on Wednesday.


Heroes in Recovery

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Essay of the Week
What AA Taught Me by Laura Silverman 

I don’t love AA, but I don’t hate it either.  Kind of a revolutionary statement to make considering the whole reason I started The Sobriety Collective was to have a place where people who found sobriety and recovery in any way, shape, or form, could congregate.  With close to eight years of continuous sobriety, I have long-term recovery…

White Lives Matter … More
Drug war shifts as heroin use soars among whites     

While heroin use has climbed among all demographic groups, it has skyrocketed among whites; nearly 90 percent of those who tried heroin for the first time in the past decade were white. “Because the demographic of people affected are more white, more middle class, these are parents who are empowered,” said Michael Botticelli, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy…


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Benchmark Transitions

MEDIA: Book in the News
Alcoholic mom lays bare her addiction, recovery with humor     

“I am at once heartbroken and incensed,” Bowman, a Kansas City native, writes in her new memoir, “Bottled: A Mom’s Guide to Early Recovery.” “I cannot imagine this night without a drink. It’s Friday night. Friday nights are for unwinding, for fun, and for something to crack me out of this monotony and boredom. I can’t stand the idea. I want to cry.”


STARTS this THURSDAY Ft. Lauderdale…

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Carrying the Message…Everywhere 
Dubai AA convention fights addiction     

Delegates from across Asia and the Middle East will gather for an Alcoholics Anonymous convention next week in Dubai for the first time to spread the message that all hope is not lost for those stuggling with addiction and substance abuse. More than 100 delegates are expected November 6 and 7 to further disseminate the organisation’s mantra to recovering alcoholics that they are not alone and that sobriety is possible…

Smell The Burn
Bernie Sanders’s Not-So-Radical Marijuana Idea     

What’s interesting about Sanders’s proposal is that it is at once radical and at the same time would simply ratify much of what’s already happening across the United States, where states have already begun liberalizing laws without waiting for Washington’s consent, and voter support for legalization is now well past the 50-percent mark.

Progress, Understanding & Compassion
Drug czar asks state to help, not jail offenders     

In a speech Thursday, Michael Botticelli, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, pressed for measures that Indiana lawmakers so far have been reluctant to endorse – expanding needle exchanges for intravenous drug users, wider access to the overdose-reversing drug naloxone, and more medication-assisted treatment using methadone and similar drugs.


Primate Goes Through Primary
Abused Alcoholic Monkey in Chile Beats Addiction 

Escaping the clutches of alcoholism is never easy, and it certainly wasn’t for Nicolas, who had to go on anti-depressants to cope with the withdrawal symptoms…They amused themselves by teaching him to smoke cigarettes and giving him alcohol. “They liked to see his reactions when he drank. He became more aggressive, and that made them laugh,”…


Anything To Live For?
Medical examiner: Six probable overdose deaths in 24-hour period VIDEO     

Word of six probable overdose deaths in Milwaukee County within a 24-hour period saddened the staff at Meta House on Monday. Meta House offers substance abuse treatment services to help women reclaim their lives from the effects of drugs or alcohol. “We know how hard addiction is on individuals and their families and friends. That`s six more people we can`t help and that`s really heartbreaking…

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2015 SHARE Recovery Awards
Sunday November 15, 2015, 6:00 pm    

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Patricia Meyers, Sobriety Champion, Promises 

Allen Berger, 12-step advocate  
Paul Stansbury, NAMI 

Leonard Lee Buschel,

 REEL Recovery Film Festival

Adi Jaffe, Alternatives Addiction Treatment
Valerie Garrett, Recovery International  
Helen Jackson, Women of Color
Steve & Regina Weller, 12th Step ambassadors

Overdose, McDonalds, Alcohol, Coke, Despair
Death rates rising among middle-aged whites VIDEO     

The U.S. death rate has been falling for decades, but researchers have detected one group in which the rates have been steadily ticking up – middle-aged white people. Suicides and deaths from drug overdose and alcohol abuse are being blamed. The study found among whites with a college degree, the death rates were actually quite low. But for whites who achieved no more than a high school diploma, they were a whopping 736 per 100,000.


Good Leaders Matter   VIDEO
Man battling drug addiction calls 911 for help after Obama speech VIDEO    

When they arrived, the caller came outside and placed his hands on the wall. He also showed authorities a cooler filled with Suboxone, ecstasy, pain pills, and marijuana … According to the Sheriff’s Office, the unidentified man “admitted he was a heavy drug user, but had watched the President’s speech earlier in the day about drug abuse. He said he wanted to live a drug-free life for his mother.”


Animated Explanation VIDEO
Everything You Thought You Knew About Addiction Is Wrong. VIDEO    

What causes addiction? Most of us think it’s drugs- which is true, to some extent. Experiements in the 1970s by famed professor of psychology Bruce Alexander reveal that more times than not, the real culprit in addiction is a lack of human connection. The people at “In A Nutshell” have created a powerful video that explains this curious relationship.


Dope Opera
Ownership fight after ritzy hotel founder’s fatal overdose     

The father of late Ace Hotels founder Alex Calderwood says a Manhattan developer is trying to muscle him out of his son’s two-thirds interest in the luxury-hotel chain for a mere $200,000 – even though the partner paid ten million dollars for his own one-third share in the business.


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Food Like Substances
How Processed Meat Is Linked to Cancer 

Some of the substances used in the smoking process to preserve meats may lead to the formation of the cancer-causing compounds called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), Bender told Live Science. Also, processing meat often involves using nitrites as preservatives to prevent bacterial growth and as coloring agents, but nitrites may form compounds called N-nitroso compounds.

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Greedy Animals
Lights, Camera, Alcohol! Khloe Kardashian Moving Forward With Booze-Themed Show Despite Lamar Odom Overdose     

The show must go on! Scott Disickand Lamar Odom’s ongoing and very public battles with addiction aren’t stopping Khloe Kardashianfrom moving ahead with her booze-fueled talk show, Kocktails with Khloe. Following delays in production due to Odom’s crisis, has learned from a network insider that the reality star has assured executives that it won’t stop her work.     

Help for Hep C
Medicaid officials want to expand access to pricey hepatitis C drug    

State officials estimate about 75,000 to 100,000 people in Washington have hepatitis C, a blood-borne virus that can cause liver failure or liver cancer if left untreated. Nationwide, many people living with the disease are low-income patients who are eligible for Medicaid, officials said.


OPINION Animation 5min. 41sec.
Drug Addiction Isn’t The Result Of Taking A Drug; It Stems From A Lack Of Human Connection ANIMATION     

Addiction has always been a hot topic in medicine. Those struggling with addiction have been told they are morally corrupt and weak willed. Many have accepted addiction as a true disease, but some still blame the addicted individual. In the case of heroin addiction, one may think it’s simple – heroin is what causes heroin addiction, right?Not so. In most cases, it is not simply taking a drug, or even taking a drug multiple times, that turns one into an addict.

Divine Intervention VIDEO
Smokey Robinson on the Moment He Beat His Addiction VIDEO    

Robinson says that when he was 40 he began abusing drugs. For two and a half years, he says he was on a drug trip that left him looking like a walking corpse. One night, a friend of his showed up at his door and asked if he could pray for him. The next morning, he took Smokey to a little storefront church for some spiritual guidance.

MEDIA: Film Reviews
‘Burnt,’ With Bradley Cooper as a Chef Fresh From Rehab     

It is really the story of an alcoholic/addict’s struggle to maintain sobriety while his past follows him like the black eye he sports. Burnt offers a few spoonfuls of compelling culinary drama, but they’re lost in a watery goulash dominated by an unsavory main character and overdone clichés.

Bon Appetite
Expert finds processed foods trigger addiction     

After studying addiction and nutrition for 30 years, Keith Kantor, author of the book, “What Matters,” has found that a diet high in processed foods can lead to substance abuse or relapses for addicts that are recovering … Kantor said foods that are processed can trigger the same opiate receptors in the brains of people who are not addicts.


Speaking Up and Speaking Out
No More Silence: Q&A with Mike Farr    

MIKE FARR has served as a sober living coach on Warped Tour for the past six summers, working on the tour as a representative of the foundation MusiCares. It’s an organization that helped him get his own addictions under control years ago, and now Farr is a trusted ally to those struggling with similar problems in the music industry.

Walking the Walk
Calif. man in addiction recovery walks across U.S., stops in South Jersey     

Once in a pit of desperation, Chris Bailey was homeless and battling drug and alcohol addiction. But today, he walks in recovery and shares his story as he treks across the country. The 33-year-old from San Diego, California has walked more than 3,500 miles in just more than seven months.

Getting Off Horse
Youth, Addiction, Horses and Healing     

Sam turned around and quietly stood for a moment, looking at Cricket. Her head was up in the air, pulling back on the rope, the muscles in her neck looked tight, and he could see the whites of her eyes. Sam walked back, stood next to Cricket for a few minutes, gently stroked her neck, then turned and began to walk forward again. Cricket followed…


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