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July 29, 2020 – The memoir will take readers through Mia’s journey of surviving the loss of her beloved son, ex-husband, and 30 years of sobriety. Additionally, Mia will reflect on her abusive childhood — which included poverty, domestic violence and alcoholism — and explain why it unknowingly thrusted her into a lifelong survival mode.

The book will dig deep into how drugs, alcohol, mental illness and a failed mental health system took the lives of her son and his father and thrust her into the hardest fight of her life.  “I’ve been in this fight for reform of our mental health system for so Iong,” Mia, 53 told PEOPLE in December. “Kristoff and I lost our son in a mental health facility that was found guilty of neglect. Then when I uncovered a lot of the facilities in LA County, I discovered that this was going on everywhere because there have been many deaths. My son wasn’t the only one. So I’ve been on that vision.”

Kristoff, a two-time Emmy Award-winning actor, died at age 52 on Feb. 3. It was later determined that his death was caused by heart disease, which was exacerbated by alcohol use.



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