More than advice: Action –  

Oct. 12, 2020 – My company KM Consulting & Coaching provides two levels of services. Consulting, which focuses on helping companies target the right audience, while providing unique skills and methods in building brands and relationships to enhance productivity. Coaching, which focuses on one-on-one professional coaching, and plant-based nutrition coaching that allows for transformation with the people I work with. I take a compassionate holistic approach with a balanced focus on mind, body and spirit because they’re all connected.

Last year, after receiving certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell, I expanded my coaching services to include a specialized nutrition program focused on plant-based eating to support my clients in implementing healthier habits that help them level up their health, vitality and overall well-being. I customize a plan for each client based on their lifestyle and challenges and together we level up to make improvements and achieve results. Making real, positive change in our lives is about taking small, actionable steps that we incorporate into our daily lives to create lasting habits.

I’m a teacher, connector, and ultimately a people person, and I love learning how people communicate. I listen with the same passion with which I want to be heard so I can show up with an open mind and an open heart to serve.

I am most proud of my own resilience and how I’ve continued to bounce back, regardless of the obstacles or challenges. I think one’s ability to adapt to failure and navigate their way through it is the foundation of resiliency.

As a coach, I specialize in helping people with reinventing their lives. I ask specific questions to get to their why and support them in the process. My clients are people who are on the growth path. As a certified plant based nutrition coach, I create customized plans that address the seven dimensions of wellness for continued growth and balance and adjust weekly as we move toward their goals — a full integration of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I provide continued guidance and creative tools that support and elevate them as they achieve results. After decades of seeing people struggle with food and emotional eating, I created this as a lifestyle that will allow one to feel at peace and empowered around nutrition and to nurture themselves in a healthy, loving way.



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