July 12, 2022 –  “They’re offering people time off their sentences for intolerable conditions in the HMP, but yet my brother is passed away … it don’t make sense,” she said.

“My brother did not need jail; he should still be here.” In last week’s decision to reduce an inmate’s sentence, the Supreme Court judge pointed to other instances where inmates received credit due to conditions at the prison.

Those poor conditions weren’t news to Gregory’s family; he frequently told them about issues ranging from bed bugs to “intolerable” food, to him once contracting the superbug MRSA.

In another incident, he suffered a serious head wound to his scalp, which required staples. 

“He was supposed to have that wound cleansed and dressing changed every day by a nurse, and he was not seen for eight days and he was starting to have a fever. It was draining and oozing,” Courtney said. 


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