Papa’s got a brand new bindle –

Sept. 24, 2020 – Atlantic City Police say a man was arrested with 500 bags of heroin after being caught making a drug deal while his 2-year-old daughter was in his car. The incident happened Wednesday on the 3900 block of Crossan Avenue, shortly after noon.

According to police, detectives observed 36-year-old Robert Hart, of Pleasantville, driving a vehicle. However, one of the detectives knew Hart was driving with a suspended license. When the detectives turned their vehicle around to conduct a motor vehicle stop they saw Hart pull to the curb and conduct a drug transaction.

When Hart pulled away, the detectives attempted to stop him, but he continued for several more blocks before finally stopping on the 4300 block of North Drive.

Police say Hart was arrested after finding 500 bags of heroin while his 2-year-old daughter was inside the car.



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