WATCH – Songs that heal –  

Sept. 2020 – This story is raw but it’s real,” writes Loretta. “I’m so proud of her sobriety.”

Loretta has seen many friends and family members struggle with addiction over the years, including her own husband, Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn, whom Loretta called Doo. 

“I’ve had a front-row seat to addiction a lot in my life. My Doo was my greatest fan and the mind behind all my success but he battled the bottle and it haunted us,” Loretta explains, going on to say that she’s addressed that subject matter in her recent songwriting. 

“The title track of my last album, ‘Wouldn’t It Be Great,’ is all about that,” Loretta notes. “Addiction imprisons the soul and robs your loved ones blind. It’s heartbreaking. A lot of families don’t want to talk about it but everybody I know has been impacted some way or another.” 

Wouldn’t it Be Great, the 45th studio album of Loretta’s career, came out in 2020.



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