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Sep. 24, 2020 – The Shadow Mountain Recovery facility in Santa Fe will be joining the organization’s other locations in Taos and Albuquerque to form a full continuum of care — ranging from detox programs to outpatient treatments. Shadow Mountain Recovery has enjoyed a great deal of success with patients at these other locations, and their experience may offer new patients insight on what they may expect at the new facility.

David Splawski writes in his review of the Taos location, “If you want to change yourself and your life, then Shadow Mountain Recovery in Taos, NM can work for you. My experience there didn’t change everything, but it put in motion a journey to happiness, fulfillment and sobriety that, without the program, I would not be on. Until going to Shadow Mountain, I really thought I could handle my addiction on my own. This city boy realized, in the mountains of Taos, that he wasn’t alone and there are people who want to help and can help. All you need is to be open to the process of healing, honesty, and positivity (“Go Deep”).”

The review continues, “It does require you to work and to be open but if you just put in a little effort you can find a new way, a new life, or just a new way of looking at the life you have now. I’d recommend treatment to anyone, addict or not. Life isn’t always easy, and reaching out for help can seem daunting, embarrassing or weak, but if you take the first step and choose a place like Shadow Mountain Recovery, someone will definitely be there to guide you. Most importantly, they’ll be there to help you with every step after the most important step you chose for yourself. Addiction is a difficult and devastating disease, but if you choose to take it on, Shadow Mountain is a great place to start. Thanks to all the staff that helped me find my way and the new friends that will forever be a part of this journey. Choose sobriety, choose yourself, choose life.”

Ervey M. shares their experience with the Ripple Ranch location outside of Austin as well, saying, “Ripple Ranch was an amazing experience for me. Day 1 was so productive, speaking with the counselors and other staff to set my plan and my goals to be accomplished during my stay. The nurses and staff were more than eager to listen to any of my concerns and needs. I stayed for 45 days and grew close to all there. I came out a new person. Overall, I definitely say Ripple’s “non 12 step” approach to my healing is one that I am greatly appreciative of in my sobriety. Thank you, Ripple Ranch!”



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