Stop interrupting? –

Sep. 30, 2020 – From his home in La Jolla, Calif., Mr. Chopra, 73, has been looking out at the anxious and angry state of the world and he’s not surprised. Some people may think this moment in time is the height of political and social division — with people baiting each other on social media, walking away from friendships, even splitting up with lovers over political polarization — but Mr. Chopra said our behavior is nothing new. “It’s been going on since the Stone Age,” he said.

Still, after years of working in conflict resolution and mediating his fair share of quarrels between national leaders (which he, of course, must keep strictly confidential), Mr. Chopra does have some tips for disagreeing better. He should know: Mr. Chopra is not without critics ready to disagree with him, too. Over his career, the New Age celebrity and author of 91 books has clashed with scientists and doctors for championing alternatives to medicine and for statements that contradict accepted research.



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