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May 9, 2018 – News 5 found that facilities that treat Ohio’s recovering addicts aren’t subject to any state or county regulations that require quality care to stay open. They are subject only to housing and zoning laws in local municipalities. Some counties adopt Ohio Recovery Housing’s standards of care and withhold taxpayer funding from any facility that isn’t accredited, but the homes are still allowed to stay open. Ohio Recovery Housing’s voluntary certification process is the only way in Ohio to know if a recovery home provides the care they claim to. The state doesn’t play any role in making sure the people trying to stay sober get the help they need.

“They are terribly vulnerable,” said Briermost Foundation Executive Director Erin Helms. “Being able to mandate that operators adhere to the quality standards would help protect the most vulnerable population out there outside children.” Helms says Ohio does a good job outlining in state code what recovery homes should do. But those guidelines are only suggestions and there is no one making sure those standards are met.

“You need a governmental entity to set the standards, make sure everybody is playing by the same rules,” said Oriana House Executive Vice President Bernie Rochford. Helms says recovery homes have operated out of public view for many years because of the stigma associated with the addicts they help. She feels like that kept lawmakers from wanting to get involved in setting up statewide standards.

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