March 6, 2021 – As a certified intervention professional, certified life and recovery coach, Amanda is utmostly motivated to help others thrive. After starting her company in the start of 2020 and incorporating in March, they have grown tremendously and have been fortunate enough to help many families. In a year where many people have lost everything, Next Level Recovery Associates has built something beautiful and been able to help people get their life back in the time where people need it most.

‘I love being able to show others there is hope, a way out and walk the journey with the individual who is suffering and their family. I love being in the trenches, helping families who are desperate and have nowhere to turn. We saw a need for a younger generation to step into this part of the field, be mentored, follow what works and add innovative ideas. Blake and I are both extremely passionate about what we do,’ Amanda outlines.

While many would be wary to start a business during the pandemic, Amanda was well equipped to start her own venture. Her business needed to constantly pivot as they were starting and setting up policies and procedures.



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