Jan. 20, 2021 – Oatly’s new ‘Help Dad’ campaign and website are designed to help young persuade their parents to give up dairy and switch to oat milk and is filled with recipes, tips, arguments and other resources.

Stated on the website, Oatly explain:“Whether your Dad just needs some helpful reminders because he already gets that ditching dairy can save the planet loads of carbon emissions… Or, if he needs more of a total reprogramming because he is pretty much good with watching the planet burn so long as he can do it while eating a double cheeseburger. This guide has you covered.”In a series of four short adverts, Oatly shows teenagers catching their parents sneaking in cows milk, refusing to buy cows milk for them, and watching with judgement while their parent answers ‘no’ to milk in his beverage.While the adverts come from a place of lighthearted fun and champion young people as the instigators of change, there have been criticisms that they mock alcohol addiction.



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