It’s MAT complicated –

Nov. 8, 2019 – He saw a physician “rarely, if ever,” according to the lawsuit, and was “continually issued Suboxone” by non-medical personnel. The clinic failed to provide substantive addiction counseling, ignored failed drug tests and failed to properly adjust Mr. Reiland’s dose of Suboxone, according to the lawsuit. Mr. Reiland left the clinic in 2016 and attended a different rehab program, according to the lawsuit. He marked one year of sobriety in June.

Federal authorities believe many patients were treated similarly at the clinic’s five locations, spread across Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Five doctors, all working under contract for the clinics, were indicted in 2018, including Aggarwal and her husband, Krishan Aggarwal, who was acquitted at trial in federal court in West Virginia.

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