Or Surrender? –

May 25, 2018 – The death toll associated with the opioid crisis has now surpassed the height of the AIDS/HIV epidemic. More people die each year from abusing opioids than died in the entirety of the Vietnam War. “In Florida, it’s more than 14 people per day,” said Dr. Marvin Seppala. “That’s unheard of.” Seppala is the chief medical officer at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, and oversees all clinical practices at one of the country’s premier networks of treatment centers. Seppala has been studying addiction and evidence-based research practices for decades, and he shared his expertise and insight at CivicCon. Addressing a crowd at the REX Theatre on Thursday night, Seppala said Pensacola had taken the first step in getting the opioid problem back under control: talking about it.

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