Dying for a drink? – 

February 6, 2020 – Meanwhile, the industry body the Alcohol Information Partnership predictably downplays the problem, describing this huge number as a “minority of problem drinkers.” This begs the question as to whether alcohol is ever good, for anyone, other than people who don’t really have a reason to live. Numerous studies have shown that there is absolutely no “safe limit” for alcohol intake, and that it has an amazingly addictive component. The last thing most people need to hear is that most drinkers have it good and that only a few “problem drinkers” are at risk. Implications The researchers think this rise in alcohol-fueled illness is due to the unavailability of funds for alcoholic rehabilitation programs, leaving such people to fight their addiction alone for up to 3 decades. Williams says, “It’s a real concern because ultimately it’s costing all of us far more money to keep treating people in A&E and taking up valuable nursing time and valuable resources instead of putting people through a rehab system like ours, where the costs are minimal in comparison.”



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