May 5, 2024 – Raising awareness about the dangers of illicit fentanyl and other deadly drugs, the event “A Call to All” on Friday, May 3, was created to combat the synthetic drug epidemic in the United States. At least 275 people die from synthetic opioids every day in the U.S. The founders of DJ’s Wish, Dean and Lori Ashenfelder, lost their 31-year-old son, DJ, to fentanyl overdose in 2021. From that, they founded the nonprofit to raise awareness and educate the public on the dangers of drug use, addiction and the ease of access of prescribed and illegal drugs in every community.

“We just knew we had to do something with our grief,” said Lori Ashenfelder, chair and co-founder of DJ’s Wish. “To just live in that grief — it’s not who we are.”