May 10, 2024 – Mr. Carney is clean and sober after years of booze-fueled scandals that prematurely ended his NRL career – but he has revealed he had to take the hard road to get there. He has now been clean and sober for 14 months and is a proud dad, but he had to hit rock bottom before he could reach this point.

His NRL career was chequered with controversy, including being charged with drink driving and reckless driving, allegedly urinating on a man at a nightclub, vandalism, being sacked by the Raiders and banned from his home town of Goulburn, NSW.

That led to him being deregistered by the NRL and forced to play bush footy with far north Queensland side Atherton Roosters, before he was kicked out of the NRL for good after a string of alcohol-related indiscretions including the infamous bubbler that saw him pretend to urinate into his own mouth.