Dec. 2023 – The collected data show that the most workaholic workers have on average a worse mood than the others.” For most people, it quickly gives way to a compulsion to continue the activity even though it objectively makes you quite miserable. What should we take away from all this? The optimistic end to Webb’s struggle with overwork absolutely shows that it is possible to wrestle yourself free from an unhealthy obsession with work. But the first step to doing that is definitely to realize that you do in fact have an unhealthy obsession with work, rather than just an admirable amount of hustle. 

Hopefully, Webb’s testimony and this new research will nudge some entrepreneurs who find themselves working all the time but miserable while doing it to consider whether they’re really in control of their relationship to work, or whether they might be using their long hours to hide from troubles in other areas of their lives. 

If a bit of soul searching forces you to see yourself in Webb’s story, then it might be time to follow her example and have a rethink of how you approach work.