Sept. 22, 2021 – With little left to give, Daffner channeled his hopelessness into a willingness to try just about anything, and that’s when he discovered the Scottsdale Recovery Center. They provide a number of resources for other recovering addicts, but it was the yoga program that eventually grabbed Daffner’s attention.

“I’d never, never tried that before. I kind of thought it was, like, hippie crap, and I gave it a shot,” said Daffner. “At first, I definitely didn’t enjoy it. I was, like, this is weird, and I don’t know what these pose names are, and this is really hard, and this one really hurts, you know.”

While his body might have been saying no, Daffner quickly realized his mind and his soul were saying something completely different.

“There’s the physical piece that could help with pain relief, weight loss, cardiovascular health, strength. You know, you get your heart rate elevated, gets those endorphins in your brain firing up again, that mental piece of just being a little bit more present, calm, not living in anxiety, stress, fear, worry, and then that spiritual compound., and it’s just kind of slowing down and connecting to to whatever you find to be spiritual for yourself,” said Daffner.


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