July 2022 – Finally, in districts that have in fact delayed start times, it does appear that students shift a considerable chunk of their newfound time to sleep. It all seems to add up to a pretty common sense approach, even conceding that moving start times might have a whole range of other adult ramifications, including transportation and logistical changes, union contracts, parents’ child care needs, etc. This whole story combines the topics of two of my most popular free ebooks: How to Raise Successful Kids (7th Edition), and The Free Book of Neuroscience: 13 Ways to Understand and Train Your Brain for Life. If you’ve read this far, I suspect you’ll agree on their importance. Because frankly, perhaps even 8:30 a.m. is still too early for kids to start school every morning. As Walker, the neuroscience professor from Berkeley put it, if you really wanted to design the school day around how kids’ brains function best, “the ideal school start time would be probably around 10 o’clock in the morning.”