Caveat Emptor –

Jan. 22, 2018 – The cruel irony about relationships is that, often, by the time people reach an age when they’ve learned a lot about themselves, about how to treat others, about what they want in a partner and what sort of partner they’d like to be, they’ve had some, well, experiences they can’t take back. If you’ve been out there dating for a while, you’ll start to realize that even the guys who seem perfect come with one caveat. It could be an enormous amount of debt due to a loan taken on a business that didn’t pan out. It could be divorce. It could be children. It could be that they’ve already had a vasectomy, deciding they never want children again. And one other thing you may find is a man who is wonderful but he is a recovering addict. Like most surprises, it can be worked with, but you need to know how. Here is what you should know before dating a recovering addict.
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