‘That’s making me better’ –  

Dec 31 2021 – Last month, five-time NBA All-Star Kevin Love told CNBC Make It that he started using mental health struggles as fuel to win basketball games as early as high school. But the longer he fought, the more he realized… 

“You can’t achieve yourself out of depression,” Love said. The biggest lesson actress and entrepreneur Kristen Bell has learned while trying to manage her anxiety and depression: Don’t let them fester.

“I don’t wait for those things to find me,” Bell told CNBC Make It in August. “I have a preoperative list to combat them, because I know they’re coming.”

That list includes exercise and giving herself small timeouts when she feels stressful events starting to bubble up, even when she’s in the middle of a busy workday. She also said it means constantly working to reframe the way she thinks about mental health by adopting a growth mindset— believing that she can change, develop and improve herself.

Bell said she often finds herself referencing an old Eleanor Roosevelt quote: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

“I just don’t consent anymore,” Bell said. “I’m not embarrassed about any of the time I need to take to help myself, because that’s making me a better me.”