Dec. 31, 2021 – The 55-year-old rocker recalled how his now-wife Hannah gave him an ultimatum to stop boozing, but he was initially reluctant to quit completely.

Recalling the morning of July 1, 2011, he said: “I just woke up and thought, ‘This has got to stop.’

“And my missus said, ‘I can’t f****** do this, you either stop or I might have to leave.’”

He explained he then went to a therapist and said: “If there’s any way you can retrain my brain so I could just, like, not drink and smoke as much.”

He continued: “And he was, ‘You can’t do that. There are no half-measures.’ So I just stopped, man.

“At first I was like, ‘Oh well…’ But it dawned on me that he was absolutely f****** right.’

“I think it was during the course of that day, I sort of thought, ‘I’ve got to stop, I’ve got to stop.’”

Paul’s daughter, Leah, recently gave birth to his first grandchild, Kouzen, and he admitted it has been “just wonderful” to welcome in a new stage in his life.

He added to Uncut magazine: “You get to a certain age and you just see how quickly time is going. To me, a week is the blink of an eye.