LISTEN – MEDIA: Book Review – 

Sept. 7, 2020 – Although this memoir follows Laura’s journey to sobriety, it’s not your typical addiction story. Laura has crafted a fearlessly honest presentation of her journey with grace and humility. She destroys the stereotypical image of an alcoholic. She’s an educated woman with a young daughter and a fancy career living in the city of her dreams. Despite these facts, and the normalization of drinking in all aspects of her life, she has lost herself in her addiction and it’s become a disaster. She unflinchingly describes her most vulnerable moments and the episodes that ultimately led her to take her life in an opposite direction.

Even if you can’t relate to substance abuse, Laura explains that everyone has their thing in life, the thing they don’t like, or the thing they want to change. Her thing just happened to be drinking. She believes everyone has an invitation to wake up at some point and those that show up are truly the luckiest. They’re the ones that make it through their struggles and now recognize the miracles of daily life, knowing what it’s like to be on the other side. Laura gives us permission to see the struggles as steppingstones to our greatest blessings.