Laughing your way to sobriety –

Sept. 8, 2020 – There are a number of ways to recover from the trauma of substance use disorder — including 12-step programs, medication, treatment centers and counseling. Rarely does one method work without the help of another, and of course, it’s never instant. With that in mind, humor also helps. Recovery meme accounts — often Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages — poke fun at the horrors of addiction and the cliches that come along with it.  The power of ‘gallows humor’

Kat, who runs the Junkee Brewster account, told In The Know that she spends more time attending 12-step meetings and working within her community than she does making memes — and truthfully, she gets just as much joy from that hard work— but there’s something uniquely satisfying about being able to joke about the “addict lifestyle.”