Trending, Pretending or Saving Lives? –

September 4, 2019  – Instagram emerged onto the social media scene in October 2010, and was soon affiliated with Zuckerberg’s Facebook. It very quickly became the place to be seenfor people looking for overnight celebrity status or for product brands looking to become overnight marketing sensations. As its popularity grew, this way of branding an idea, a person, a product or a business became the norm, and those who did it successfully and/or professionally became known as social media influencers(or just plain influencers).

Social media influencers are those who have established a level of credibility in a specific industry, have access to a huge global audience, and can persuade others to act (or to buy) based solely on their recommendations. Influencers can be anyone – a blogger, a celebrity, an online entrepreneur, or a global brand. They are masters of “niche capitalization” – promoting and turning a highly specific field or product into good, hard cash.

Instagram’s success is based on this premise – it’s quick, it’s punchy, and it’s short in nature, a great tool to be used in attracting the click-happy social media user. Each message or meme or short video is an advert, a commercial break, looking to influence its audience. In fact, partnering with excellent influencers can open up never-before explored…

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