May 31, 2024 – Then Sister Blandine met Dr. Bob, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). As a nurse on the detox ward at Saint Agnes Hospital, she witnessed daily the agonies of alcohol withdrawal. She was so inspired by the AA program and its ability to help people stay sober that she ended up devoting the rest of her life to that mission. 

According to a newspaper article from the 1970s, “with a mix of gentle encouragement and blunt locker-room directness, she nursed [the men] past the screaming phase, filled them with vitamins and got them thinking of the help … offered by an organization called ‘Alcoholics Anonymous.’”

Eventually a benefactor — Ben Sadoff — gave her a large house in Fond du Lac for a home for recovering alcoholics. 

Today, Blandine House is a licensed, 12-bed residential/transitional treatment program for men struggling with addiction.