May 29, 2024 – When McCoy wasn’t shooting up, he was often tripped out on prescription painkillers, which he leached from his father, who lay in a hospital bed dying from pancreatic cancer. Drugs offered McCoy an escape from his fractured reality; he could numb his emotions as he watched the man he most looked up to fade away. And he could temporarily purge the thought of being a self-described hopeless junkie. McCoy never considered the consequences of his destructive habits until, through a series of trials and tribulations, he entered into sobriety in 2017.

In the short documentary Runner’s High, produced by Dialed Film, director Cameron Wilson details the story of McCoy’s struggle and rebound after 14 years of addiction to meth, heroin, and fentanyl. Finding running during his long road to recovery, McCoy says, was a major contributor to an extreme life change that helped him realize his greater purpose.

“As a storyteller I saw so many avenues this story could go as well as the many demographics it could reach,” Wilson said. “I hope that this film can be a catalyst to someone out there that needs a little bit of hope in their life.”