One Minute at a Time –  

March 13, 2020 – When one has negative feelings and experiences, their natural instinct is to escape the situation with an addiction. Mindfulness teaches us how to interrupt ourselves and take a break. When cravings come, we are able to mindfully observe it and recognise the craving for what it really is; a momentary, transient thing that passes in time. There’s no need to act on a craving. It’s going to pass and we know this, because they always pass in time. 

 A craving commonly occurs when something has gone wrong. Mindfulness teaches us to accept our suffering as a natural part of life and not give in to negative thoughts. Mindfulness teaches that we shouldn’t get too attached to happiness. Happiness is just as transient and fleeting as negative feelings.  Meditation enables an addict to resist the need to escape and helps them understand why they are suffering. 

Practicing meditation allows them to extend how long they can suffer without having to use alcohol or drugs. In time, regular meditation begins to alter the brain and establish healthier associations in the reward centers of the brain.