It’s Complicated –                        

March 13, 2020 – You mention Luke Perry, who died a few months after that match. How did that loss impact your life? 

It was so shocking. I miss him so much. I’m really grateful to wrestling for letting me do this at a time when he and I connected again. I hadn’t seen Luke in a while so for that I’ll be forever grateful. I was just talking about this with my wife, who is a bit of a hypochondriac and freaked out about coronavirus. Listen, a year or so before the death match, I had a heart scare during a stress test and I had to put two stents in. I thought I was going to die then. So I thought was I going to die twice last year. That puts life in perspective. 

Life’s too short to spend your time arguing about stuff. Have fun. Enjoy it. I beat myself up a lot, so I’m trying to really work on that. So I was saying to my wife about coronavirus, “OK, any one of us can go at any moment. Right?” And says, “Yeah.” So I said, “Doesn’t that just give you some sort of freedom? Well, we better go out and live our lives. Let’s not sweat the small stuff.” Hopefully we can focus on that, get busy, hustle, have fun, and work with people we love. That’s the game I’m trying to focus on. 


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