May 28, 2022 – Colton Haynes’ most raw role to date is that of author. The actor, whose blue eyes and sharp jawline you might know from series “Teen Wolf” and “Arrow,” bares his soul in “Miss Memory Lane: A Memoir” (Atria, 256 pp., out Tuesday).

“I’m all good with talking about real stuff, but I’m so bad at small talk. I’m like, ‘Can we get to trauma, please?’” he says playfully over a Zoom chat … His mother was an alcoholic. His father was absent. Haynes recounts first being sexually abused by his uncle at 6-years-old and internalizing the guilt, which contributed to the “anger” Haynes carried through his life. “I just always felt like I was trying to prove something. Now, I’m almost 34, and I realized that a lot of the issues that I’ve had really (are) from childhood trauma.”


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